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Page 25: Using a built-in rotating tripod collar, Using the lens hood

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Setting the aperture

Use the camera to adjust the aperture setting.

Focusing, zooming, and depth of field

Before focusing, rotate the zoom ring to adjust the focal length until the desired

composition is framed. If your camera has a depth-of-field preview (stop-down)

button or lever, depth of field can be previewed through the camera viewfinder.

• This lens is equipped with the Internal Focusing (IF) system. As the shooting

distance decreases, the focal length also decreases.

• The distance scale does not indicate the precise distance between the subject

and the camera. Values are approximate and should be used only as a general

guide. When shooting distant landscapes, depth of field may influence operation

and the subject may appear in focus at a position that is closer than infinity.

• For more information, see p. 200.

Using a built-in rotating tripod collar

When using a tripod, attach it to the lens’ tripod collar instead of the camera.

• When holding the camera by its handgrip and rotating the camera with the

lens in its tripod collar, your hand may bump into the tripod, depending on

the tripod in use.

• It’s possible to detach the tripod collar by removing the tripod collar lock

screw. For details on this procedure, contact your nearest Nikon service center

or representative office.

Changing the camera position

Loosen the tripod collar ring fastening screw (1).

Depending on camera position (vertical or horizontal),

turn the lens to an appropriate lens rotating position

index (2) and tighten the screw (3).

Using the lens hood

Lens hoods minimise stray light and protect the lens.
Attaching the hood

• Fully tighten the lens hood screw (2).

• If the lens hood is not correctly attached,

vignetting may occur.

• To store the lens hood, attach it in the

reverse position.