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Lens care

• Be careful not to hold the camera body when the lens is attached, as this may

cause damage to the camera (lens mount). Be sure to hold both the lens and

camera when carrying.

• When the lens is mounted on a camera, do not pick up or hold the camera

and lens by the lens hood.

• Be careful not to allow the CPU contacts to become dirty or damaged.

• If the lens mount rubber gasket is damaged, be sure to visit the nearest Nikon-

authorized service representative for repair.

• Clean lens surfaces with a blower brush. To remove dirt and smudges, use a soft,

clean cotton cloth or lens tissue moistened with ethanol (alcohol) or lens cleaner.

Wipe in a circular motion from the center to outer edge, taking care not to leave

traces or touch other parts of the lens.

• Never use organic solvent such as thinner or benzene to clean the lens.

• When storing the lens in its case, attach both the front and rear lens caps.

• When the lens will not be used for an extended period of time, store it in a

cool, dry place to prevent mold and rust. Be sure to store the lens away from

direct sunlight or chemicals such as camphor or naphthalene.

• Do not get water on the lens or drop it in water as this will cause it to rust and


• Reinforced plastic is used for certain parts of the lens. To avoid damage, never

leave the lens in an excessively hot place.

Standard accessories

• Slip-on front lens cap

• Rear Lens Cap

• Lens Hood HK-30

• Semi-soft Case CL-L2 (with dedicated interior cushioning material)

• Dedicated slip-in filter holder

• 52mm Screw-on NC Filter

• Dedicated lens protective glass (attached to the lens)

• Dedicated lens protective glass case

• Strap LN-1
• The slip-in filter holder, with a 52mm screw-on filter attached, should be

inserted in the lens at all times.

Optional accessories

• 52mm screw-on filters (except circular polarizing filterⅡ)

• Slip-in Circular Polarizing Filter C-PL1L

• AF-S Teleconverters TC-14EⅡ/TC-17EⅡ*/TC-20EⅡ*/TC-20EⅢ*

(*Autofocus is not possible.)