Multiple exposure lever – Nikon F4 User Manual

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As the name indicates, multiple exposures are two or more

exposures of one or more subjects on the same frame.

1. Pull the multiple exposure lever toward you and release the


The film will not advance. Multiple exposure lever is auto­

matically reset to the original position.

2. Depress the shutter release button again to take the second


Film will advance to the next frame.
For more than two shots on the same frame, pull the lever
before each additional exposure.

In continuous film advance modes, pull and hold the lever dur­

ing exposures. Exposures are taken continuously on the same

frame as long as the shutter release button is fully depressed.

After the last desired exposure, return the multiple exposure

lever to its original position;

u n le s s y o u co v e r th e le n s


releasing the shutter again, this shot will be the final exposure

in the series. The film is then advanced to the next frame.

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