Diopter adjustment knob, Eyepiece shutter lever – Nikon F4 User Manual

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Diopter Adjustment Knob

This knob enables near- or farsighted photographers to adjust

eyepiece diopter within a continuous range of from —3 to -i-l.
Pull the knob and rotate it to either direction until focused

image appears sharp, then push back. For diopters beyond

this range, Nikon eyepiece correction lenses for F3HP are


Eyepiece Shutter Lever

During self-timer operation, in automatic exposure modes, use

the eyepiece shutter which prevents light from entering the
eyepiece and adversely affecting the automatic exposure meter

reading. Just turn the lever to the left to close the shutter. The

eyepiece shutter is painted red to provide a visual reminder

that it’s in use.


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