Accessory shoe – Nikon F4 User Manual

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Accessory Shoe

Located at the top of the Multi-Meter Finder DP-20, the ISO-

type hot shoe allows direct mounting of a wide range of Nikon
dedicated electronic speedlights, including SB-24, SB-23,
SB-22, SB-20, SB-18, SB-16B and SB-15, Other Nikon speed-

lights may be mounted with a compatible Nikon flash unit

coupler. Four electrical contacts in the shoe provide the follow­

ing when used with a compatible Nikon speedlight: proper

synchronization of the flash unit, automatic flash output stop,

identification of a TTL flash unit, and both viewfinder ready-light

indication and automatic switching to the proper sync speeds

with Nikon dedicated speedlight units.

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