Nikon F4 User Manual

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13 For full-aperture measurement, set exposure compensation

dial to -





14 In stop-down measurement, set exposure compensation

dial (or focusing screen exposure compensation dial for

flash photography) to —1.

15 In stop-down measurement, set exposure compensation

dial to -





16 Exposure compensation necessary. (See focusing screen’s

instruction sheet.)

17 Exposure compensation necessary for full-aperture

measurement. (See footnote 12 or 13.)

18 Exposure compensation necessary for stop-down measure­

ment. (See footnote 14 or 15.)

• The following Nikkor lenses cannot be used with the

F4s/F4 camera: All 8mm f/8,16mm f/3.5 (No. 272281 -

290000), 28mm f/3.5 (No. 625611 - 999999), 35mm t/1.4

(No. 385001 — 400000), all 55mm f/1.2, all old-type Reflex

1000mm f/6.3, all 21mm f/4, all old-type PC 35mm f/3.5.

• The AF Teleconverter TC-16 (for F3AF) cannot be attached

to the F4s camera.

• To attach an old-type Reflex-Nikkor 500mm f/8 to an F4s

camera, turn the lens’ tripod mounting collar so it faces

the direction opposite the camera’s grip (from the front of
the camera, it should face the right-hand side). To change
the camera/lens assembly from horizontal to vertical

position or vise versa, do not turn the assembly; turn the

tripod head.


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