Nikon F4 User Manual

Page 146

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Type E

Matte/Fresnel field with 5mm-dia. and 12mm-dia. ref­
erence circles, focus brackets and etched horizontal

and vertical lines. Ideal for architectural photography.

Type J

Matte/Fresnel field with cehtral 5mm-dia. microprism

focusing spot and 12mm-dia. circle. Good for general


Type K

Matte/Fresnel field with 3mm-dia. BriteView split-
image range finder spot surrounded by 1mm-wide
microprism doughnut. Rapid and accurate focusing

for subjects with both straight lines and ill-defined

contours. Suitable for general photography.

Type P

Type G

Same as Type K but with BriteView split-image range

finder line at a 45° angle and etched horizontal and

vertical lines as an aid to composition. Rapid and ac­
curate focusing for subjects with horizontal or vertical

lines or ill-defined contours. Suitable for general

Clear Fresnel field with extra-bright 12mm-dia. micro­

prism focusing spot for viewing and focusing in poor
light. Four models (G1, G2, G3, G4) available corre­

spond to lenses with different focal lengths. Depth-of-
field preview not available.


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