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Nikon External Power Regulator MB-22

The MB-22 consists of the grip portion MB-21G, in common
with the MB-21, and the bottom portion MB-22B. The terminal

enables connection with Nikon AC/DC Converter MA-4 via

Nikon External Power Cord MC-11. A regulator, which converts

the 15V current of the MA-4 to 8.2V and a remote terminal are


Nikon Multi-Power High-Speed Battery Pack MB-23

The complete system consists of unitized battery pack/hand

grip assembly and one-piece battery tray MS-23 for AA alkaline-
manganese batteries or optional NiCd Battery Unit MN-20. A

remote terminal and the terminal for MF-24 back are provided

for the MB-23 as well as battery checker LEDs. Optional Quick

Charger MH-20 can charge up to two MN-20 units sequentially,

operate automatically with voltage from 100V to 240V.

Nikon AC/DC Converter MA-4 and External Power cord
Especially recommended when using the F4 for exfended

studio use. Supplies constant 15V DC current to MB-22. The

MC-11 Cord plugs into the external power terminal of the Nikon
External Power Regulator MB-22.


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