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Nikon Speedlight SB-24

The powerful SB-24 with built-in AF illuminator provides vari­

ous balanced fill-flash capabilities. In addition, it offers more

flexibility and performance with the F4.
•The zoom head automatically adjusts to provide an angle of

coverage that matches the focal length of the lens in use.

• Flash output level can also be compensated on the SB-24.
• Repeating-flash mode lets you shoot a subject two or more

times consecutively on the same frame. You can select num­

ber of flashes, frequency and either 1/8 or 1/16 light output.

• With rear-curtain sync flash, you can synchronize the flash

with the instant the rear curtain starts moving. This turns
available light into a stream of light that follows the flash-

illuminated subject.

•All basic information is shown in the SB-24’s own LCD.

Nikon Speedlights SB-23/SB-22/SB-20
Each unit is equipped with an illuminator that enables autofo­
cus even in total darkness. Various types of balanced fill-flash

photography and other operations possible.

TTL Remote Cord SC-24

Enables off-camera TTL auto flash operation with Nikon
Speedlight SB-24, SB-23, SB-22, SB-21 B, SB-20, SB-16B or
SB-15 and an F4 with optional viewfinder DW-21 or DW-20. In

addition, by using the SC-24 with Nikon TTL Remote Cord

SC-23, you can use Nikon Speedlight SB-11, SB-14 or SB-140.

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