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Nikon Multi-Control Back MF-23

The Multi-Control Back MF-23 enables the imprinting of any of
the following data: date, time, frame number, serial upcount

number, fixed number, shutter speed or aperture and exposure

compensation value. Choice of imprint location — on the pic­

ture, or between frames. In addition, the MF-23 enables the
camera to function in more advanced ways.

• Interval Timer — commencement time, interval time, number

of shots taken and number of intervals can be input.

• Exposure Delay — remaining time before exposure and num­

ber of shots taken can be set.

• Long Time Exposure - you can choose any duration from

one second up to 999 hours, 999 minutes and 999 seconds.

•Auto Bracketing — you can shoot up to 19 continuous frames,

each with a different exposure.

• Freeze Focus - shutter is automatically released the moment

the subject is in focus.

• Daily alarm, film alarm, film stop, and more.

Some of these functions work in combination, thus enlarging

the F4's scope of applications.


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