Nikon F4 User Manual

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Nikon Data Back MF-22

A compact alternative to the MF-23. It will either imprint the
data desired — year/month/day, day/hour/minute (24-hour

clock), month/day/year or day/month/year — or leave the film

blank, with no imprint.

Nikon 250-Exp. Multi-Control Back MF-24
Especially recommended for sports or scientific/industrial

applications. The lVlF-24 allows uninterrupted shooting of up to

250 exposures without changing film. Used with two Nikon
250-Exposure MZ-1 Magazines for loading up to 10m of bulk

film. Power sources for the MF-24 are Nikon Fligh Speed

Battery Pack MB-21 or External Power Regulator MB-22.

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