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The F4's standard, supplied Multi-Meter Finder DP-20 accepts
the following accessories.

Nikon Eyepiece Correction Lenses

Five lenses for Nikon F3HP — -3, -2, 0, -1-1 and

+ 2

diopters —

are available. When used with diopter adjustment dial of the

Multi-Meter Finder DP-20 the combined adjustment range will
be from —5 to -i-4 diopters.

Nikon Rubber Eyecup DK-2

The eyecup prevents stray light from entering the viewfinder
from the rear and allows eyeglass wearers to use the F4
without fear of scratching their glasses.

Nikon Right-Angle Viewing Attachment DR-3
Excellent for copy work, the DR-3 provides an upright, unre­

versed image for right-angle viewing with the DK-7. Individual

eyesight adjustments are possible.


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