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Nikon Auto Extension Rings

Compact and lightweight, Nikon Auto Extension Rings slide on

and off your camera in seconds for a wide range of reproduc­

tion ratios. Models include the PK-11A, 12 and 13. Because

information on lens aperture is relayed via the PK ring to the
camera, the exposure is determined by TTL full aperture
metering. Exposure modes usable: Aperture-Priority (A) Auto
Exposure or Manual (M).

Nikon Bellows Attachment PB-6

Mounts between the F4 and the lens for close-up and macro
photography. At the twist of a knob, you can vary lens exten­

sion at will, producing reproduction ratios from 1 :1.1 up to 4 ;

with a 50mm lens mounted normally. The lens can also be

mounted in reverse to maintain aberration correction in the

extreme close-up range. The PB-6 has a stop-down lever so
you can use stop-down metering. Exposure modes usable:

Aperture-Priority (A) Auto Exposure and Manual (M).


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