Remote control accessories – Nikon F4 User Manual

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The following accessories except AR-3 and AR-7 can be used

with Nikon High Speed Battery Pack MB-21 or External Power

Regulator MB-22.

Nikon Remote Cord with Button Release MC-12A
For remote control photography up to 3m (9.8 ft) away, the
MC-12A has a handgrip, trigger release button and trigger lock
lever that make operation convenient. Depressing the MC-12A
halfway turns on the camera's exposure meter; depressing fully

releases the shutter. Trigger lock lever provided also enables

time exposure with ease.

Nikon Remote Cord MC-4A

The plug on one end of the MC-4A connects to the IVIB-21 or

MB-22's remote-control socket; the other end has both plus

and minus banana-type plugs. Used to fire several cameras

Nikon Radio Control Set MW-2

Provides interference-free remote control up to 700m (2295 ft).

Three separate channels allow three cameras to be operated

automatically. Easy to handle.

Nikon Modulite Remote Control Set ML-2
Provides infrared light remote control for three separate

channels to enable automatic operation of motor-driven

cameras at distances up to 100 meters. Compact and easy

to handle. Wireless multiple flash operation is also possible.


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