Nikon F4 User Manual

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Nikon Intervalometer MT-2

For unmanned time-lapse photography or work sampling.

Quartz-controlled MT-2 provides either 2 sec. or 16 sec. delay
shutter release, allowing time for focusing or flash recycling. It

can also be used with other remote-control devices.

Nikon Cabie Reiease AR-3 and Doubie Cabie Reiease


Essential for slow shutter speeds, these cable releases ensure

one-hand, shutter release operation. The AR-3 and AR-7 plug

into the release terminal of the camera body.

Nikon Pistol Grip Modei 2 and Connecting Cord MC-3A
Nikon's special pistol grip can be screwed Into either the
camera's tripod socket or the tripod mounting collar of a
super-telephoto lens to provide more stable handheld shoot­

ing. The MC-3A Cord plugs into the remote terminal of Nikon
High Speed Battery Pack MB-21 or Nikon External Power
Regulator MB-22.

Nikon Connecting Cords MC-17 and MC-17S
Either the MC-17 or MC-17S can be used to fire two cameras

almost simultaneously. The MC-17 is approx. 3m (9.8 ft) long;
the MC-17S, approx. 0.4m (1.3 ft). The 250-Exp. Multi-Control

Back MF-24 must be attached to the master camera.

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