Camera care tips – Nikon F4 User Manual

Page 167

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1. Avoid touching the refiex mirror or

focusing screen. Remove dust v/ith a

blower brush.

2. Do not touch the shutter curtains.

3. Do not touch the DX contacts. Keep

clean with blower brush.

7. Clean the viewfinder eyepiece with a

soft, clean cloth. Do not use alcohol.



Clean glass surfaces such as the lens

with a blower brush; avoid using lens
tissue as much as possible. To remove

dirt and smudges, use soft cotton

moistened with pure alcohol and wipe

in a spiral motion from center to peri­
phery. Be careful not to leave traces.

Spray gun-type blowers may damage

the glass if used to clean the lens, espe­

cially when ED glass is used for the front

lens element. To avoid damage, hold the
blower upright with its nozzle more than

30cm (12 in.) from the lens surface and

keep the nozzle moving so the stream of

air is not concentrated in one spot.


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