Nikon F4 User Manual

Page 173

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Shutter speeds


Viewfinder information

Lithium niobate oscillator-controlled;

controlled from 1/8000 to 30 sec.
steplessly in



, P

or A mode; set

from 1/8000 to 4 sec. in one EV
steps in M or S mode; B, T and X

(1/250 sec.)

Nikon Multi-Meter Finder DP-20 pro­

vided as standard; fixed eyelevel

pentaprism high-eyepoint type; 0.7X
magnification with 50mm lens set at
infinity; approx. 100% frame cover­

age; metering system selector,
diopter adjustment knob, accessory

shoe, compensation dial for focusing
screens and eyepiece shutter lever

provided; interchangeable with Nikon

AE Action Finder DA-20, Nikon 6X

Fligh-Magnification Finder DW-21

and Nikon Waist-Levei Finder DW-20

By LCD — exposure compensation

value, frame counter (additive type),

metering system in use, shutter

speed, aperture, exposure mode,
electronic analog display, AE-Lock

indicator; by ADR window — lens

aperture; by LED display — focus

indicators, exposure compensation
mark and flash ready-light Illumina­

tor switch provided for dim-light

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