Nikon F4 User Manual

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The Nikon autofocus SLR system is designed based on

the premise that any of its components, such as the F4,

F-801/N8008*. F-501/N2020**, F-401s/N4004s**, AF Nikkor
lenses, TC-16A Autofocus Converter, Nikon speedlights

and Nikon accessories will be used integrally, with one
AF Nikkor lenses electronically communicate all the

necessary information required for perfect operation

within current and future Nikon autofocus SLR systems.

Nikon does not assume responsibility if malfunctions or

damage occurs to the F4 when lenses and/or accesso­

ries of other makers are used with it. For these reasons,

we recommend the use of AF Nikkor lenses and Nikon
system accessories.

* Exclusively sold in U.S.A.

** Exclusively sold In U.S.A. and Canada

Nikon cannot be held responsible for any malfunction
resulting from the use of the camera other than as

specified in this manual.




The shutter cannot be released while camera back is

open. If for some reason you need to release the shutter
with the camera back open, consult a Nikon service

facility. Also, be sure to set the shutter speed to 1/250

sec. or higher; do not set to 1/125 sec. or slower.

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