Nikon F4 User Manual

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Viewfinder Focusing Screen

(B-type screen supplied as


Manual focusing is accomplished
using either the clear matte field

(focus until you see a sharp im­

age) or the Electronic Rangefinder

(focus until In-focus indicator is

visible). If you choose an optional

screen, additional focus and
composition aids are available.

For details, see page 91.

Confirm exposure.

For details on viewfinder information in

each exposure mode, see pages 50

to 58.

Fully depress shutter release button to

take a picture. Film will automatically

advance by one frame. Viewfinder LCD

frame counter advances by 1.



............ — ^


• If any abnormality occurs during film advance, red alert LED blinks and

shutter locks. Open camera back and reload film.

• LCD indications turn off approx. 16 sec. after you remove your finger from the

shutter release button.

✓ V,


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