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The advanced autofocus system of the F4 works even under

extremely low-light conditions — as low as EV minus 1. The
Electronic Rangefinder operates for both autofocus and

manual focusing. Manual focusing can also be accomplished
using the clear matte screen or any optional screen with an

optical rangefinder. Normally, the Electronic Rangefinder’s abil­

ity to detect focus is superior to the human eye. However, there

are certain subjects that cannot be focused upon in any way —

such as shiny metallic subjects, blank walls, etc. In this case, X

appears and autofocus with an alternate subject at the same

distance or manual adjustment by estimating the distance is


Manual Focus with Electronic Rangefinder

Manual focus using the Electronic Rangefinder works with most
Nikon lenses, including AF Nikkor when operated manually.
(For a complete list of usable lenses, see lens compatibility
chart, page 86.) Lenses with a maximum aperture slower than

f/5.6 are not suitable for Electronic Rangefinder focusing, even

though focus indicator LEDs appear. Focus using clear matte

field or change focusing screen to J type.


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