Foreword – Nikon F4 User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing the F4. We’re sure it wiii make photography more exciting and

rewarding than ever.

With a weaith of exciting new features, the Nikon F4 is designed to be as up to date as
you are in your approach to photography. Uitra-fast autofocus, versatiie Matrix Metering,

Matrix Balanced Fill-Flash, an unprecedented fast shutter speed of 1/8000 sec. and flash
sync speed of 1/250 sec., top film advance speed of 5.7 fps, are just the beginning of

what you’ll discover in this ergonomically designed camera. At the same time, the F4

retains compatibility with virtually all Nikon lenses present and past, and a great many of

the accessories and attachments that make the Nikon System the most comprehensive

in all 35mm SLR photography.

We would like to think that the F4 is not only the fruit of Nikon’s commitment to perfec­
tion, but is also Nikon’s joint creation with everyone committed to fine photography,

including yourself.
Get to know your F4, but before using it, be sure to read this manual thoroughly.


*For F4 series cameras, Nikon offers two versions - Nikon F4s with High Speed Battery Pack

MB-21 containing six AA-type batteries, and Nikon F4 with Battery Pack MB-20 containing

four /VA-type batteries.

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