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Special Focusing Situations

To successfully focus, whether using the F4’s Electronic Range­
finder, an optical rangefinder, or a clear matte field, the subject

must be reasonably illuminated and have sufficient contrast. If

the focus-not-possible indicator X appears, manually focus by

estimating distance or choose an alternate focus target with

the same distance, lock focus, then recompose.

The following situations are examples that are difficult to focus

and require greater concentration to secure correct focus.

1) When shooting the following:

■ Bright subject with a shiny surface, such as silver or


. Strongly backlit subject.
. Scene with variety of subjects located at different distances.

2) When using a linear polarizing filter, or special filter such as

a soft-focus filter. (A circular polarizing filter can be used for
autofocus operation.)

R60 (red) and 056 (orange) filters will interfere with Elec­

tronic Rangefinder and autofocus operation. When using
these filters, focus manually.


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